The Larsen from Sub Zero Ice Cream

The Larsen from Sub Zero Ice Cream is a parfait of vanilla soft serve ice cream, layered with hot fudge, peanut butter and whole Spanish peanuts, and it might be the simplest piece of ice cream perfection in Winnipeg.

In what looks like a home on the corner of Jaminson and Brazier, Sub Zero Ice Cream shines brightly in the neighbourhood of Elmwood with classic yellow lit signs and big side windows.

Using a classic question from Cone or Cup, we asked the man working the night shift, “what’s the one thing we need to try here? What’s the most popular thing on the menu?”

The Larsen, without question.

No hesitation after hearing that. Fun fact, the Larsen is named off a street just south of Sub Zero. Why? Only they know.

The Larsen seems so simple, something you or I would make at home, but there’s something special about a classic combination of ice cream, chocolate and peanut butter that tastes so right at Sub Zero.

The hot fudge and peanut butter were layered three sperate times, right at the bottom (which is such a bonus as you dig to the end), in the middle, and of course drizzled all over the top. Check out how much it’s dripping in the picture. This is done RIGHT!


They have what seems like unlimited options for their parfaits. For the indecisive, it’s impossible to pick just one – go with a friend!


Scoop Score Cone or Cup’s Scoop Score rates each ice cream treat between 1 and 3 scoops.



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