Pumpkin Pie Soft Ice Cream from Sargent Sundea

Forget pumpkin spiced lattes. Fall is all about heading down to Sargent Sundae and getting yourself a cone full of their famous Pumpkin Pie Soft Ice Cream – one of the best soft serve flavours in the city.

Just a walk through Assiniboine Park and over the Foot Bridge, Sargent Sundea is one of Winnipeg’s best ice cream stops. Although the summer is usually the go-to time to make a night of it, Sargent Sundea starts pouring its best, flavoured soft serve in the fall.

The Pumpkin Pie Soft Ice Cream is real, homemade soft serve – unlike most chain restaurants – and boy o boy can you tell after your first lick. The pale orange colour comes straight from the pumpkins themselves and the flavour seems so simple, but full of depth. It’s the kind of soft serve that you start licking and end up biting.

Go with a classic waffle cone, and don’t be afraid to get one size larger than you normally get. It’s worth it.

Scoop Score Cone or Cup’s Scoop Score rates each ice cream treat between 1 and 3 scoops.


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