Chaeban Ice Cream, Winnipeg’s Best New Frozen Treats

Winnipeg’s got a new favourite ice cream shop! Chaeban Ice Cream, just a skip down from confusion corner in South Osbourne, is making their ice cream from scratch using local ingredients and a whole lot of love.

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Mango Ice Cream from Prairie West’s CanAsian Series

Everyone’s familiar with berry flavoured ice cream, but what about melons? Mango may be my new favourite flavour of ice cream and it’s all thanks to Prairie West’s CanAsian series. Continue reading “Mango Ice Cream from Prairie West’s CanAsian Series”

Salted Caramel Whiskey Dessert Sauce from Gourmet Inspirations

It’s our first sauce review on Cone or Cup and boy is it a special one. The Salted Caramel Whiskey dessert sauce from Gourmet Inspirations is our new go-to topping for some classic vanilla ice cream. Continue reading “Salted Caramel Whiskey Dessert Sauce from Gourmet Inspirations”

Lemon Meringue from Cornell Creme

Cornell Creme may be the most well known (and to some the best) ice cream maker in Manitoba. From Red Red Wine and Stir Stick Stout to Raspberry White Chocolate and Velvety Chocolate Truffle, Cornell Creme is breaking barriers with their flavours – this pie inspired, Lemon Meringue flavour happens to be our favourite. Continue reading “Lemon Meringue from Cornell Creme”

The Larsen from Sub Zero Ice Cream

The Larsen from Sub Zero Ice Cream is a parfait of vanilla soft serve ice cream, layered with hot fudge, peanut butter and whole Spanish peanuts, and it might be the simplest piece of ice cream perfection in Winnipeg. Continue reading “The Larsen from Sub Zero Ice Cream”